June 25, 2003


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For this entry I get to go really easy on the writing. This was sent to me by my Aunt Deb, who is my uncle Gary's wife. Enjoy.

The attached is one of my very favorite Robert cartoons. Here's the story:

Several years ago Gary and I were going to Florida for a week...I was going for business and we actually thought we could sneak in a rare vacation (sans kids) for the two of us that would include two of your Dad's favorite places: Miami and Key West. We had the tickets on American and American was threatening to strike. We weren't sure if we would be able to go. I think Clinton stepped in at the 11th hour and negotiated a temporary settlement, and we were on our way (with a first class upgrade, since everyone else had probably already changed to another airline,) Your Dad created this for us while we were still in the "uh-oh....who knows what we'll end up on" stage. I laughed for days. Still am. Bless his nutty little heart.

Hi its me again Jack that is;

Let me know what you think of this. I enjoyed it, and I had forgotten all about it. If you have a peice of Robert Marker memorabilia that I might not have feel free to send me a copy I would love to post more stories from other peoples points of view. You can either leave a comment here for me or e-mail me at [email protected] . Thanks.

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June 20, 2003

gingerbread castle

The many talents of Robert Marker could not be measured. He was as creative a man as ever lived. He could Paint, Write, draw with pen or pencil, he could sculpt and mold (I don't mean that he grew mold) he could airbrush and silkscreen, he invented and created. If he had lived one hundred years ago we all would have learned his name in school and seen his face and what great arts he had created. We would all know what he invented. Maybe in a hundred years people will know his name and face and be familiar with his works of art, He certainly deserves it.
One of less illustrious talents was that he made a killer gingerbread house. In this pic he actually made a gingerbread castle. Robert entered this castle into a contest for gingerbread houses that Brachs candy held. It was enormous(The castle).
Please feel free to leave your comments and let me know if there is anything that you would like to see more of. Thanks

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June 18, 2003

Pool Dragon

When I was a young lad my father painted the bottom of a swimming pool. He painted it to look like a dragon was on the bottom of the pool. It was enormous, and when he was done and the water was back in the pool my sister and I were afraid to get in the water. We would float around on a raft but wouldn't swim. I have always thought that this was a wonderful idea and that my dad did a great job. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment.

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stand up 1

It took me a little while to find this cartoon. Then it took me little while to figure out how to change the size. None the less here it is the first of two stand up cartoons that Robert Marker made, the second is already on this web log.
As I have stated befor Robert Marker had a dark sense of humor and put himself in as the fall guy for many of his jokes. Some of them aren't quite as funny now as they were when he was alive. Of course we have to remember that they are his creation and, that this is what he found funny.

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I cropped the wrapping paper down so that it would fit on screen better. If you like this design I can e-mail you the full size file, just leave a comment here and I will get it. Or you can e-mail me your self at [email protected] . Anticlause was one of my dads characters, and quazi alter ego.

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June 13, 2003

Al Marker Driving School

Robert Marker was a wonderful person to talk to. He was one of the easiest poeple to have conversation with that I have ever known. And he told stories, I don't mean that he made them up although, I am sure that he could have. One storie that I remember because I thought it was so funny, was the storie of my Grandfather trying to teach my Dad how to drive.
My grandfather was a kind and funny and wonderful man. Teaching was just not his strong point. I was going to try to write the story out for all of you but I think that it wouldn't transfer to the page correctly. So you will just have to use your imagination.

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June 06, 2003


The other day I was online, and I went to the web site for a band named They Might Be Giants. While I was on the TMBG web site I saw an add for a documentary coming out called Gigantic (a tale of two johns), and I wanted to tell my father Robert Marker about it. Then I remembered That I will never get to sit and tell him any of the interesting things I have seen that reminded me of him. Almost every thing I like reminds me of him. TMBG was another band that my father enjoyed, in a way he introduced them to me. Then several years later I reintroduced Robert to them.
When I was younger, around 12 years old. I saw an episode of the cartoon TinyToon Adventures, It was a music video edition. The show did videos for two classical songs then one by Aretha Franklin(Respect). Then it had a video for a song called Partical Man, which I had never heard befor, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then they did a second song by They Might Be Giants, which was a cover of a very old song named Istanbul (not Constantanople). I enjoyed this song even more than the first but, I had never heard of the band and thought that it was made up by the show.
When My Dad came home later that day I told him about the two songs from the show( Partical Man and Istanbul(Not Constantanople)), and he ((Being the man of amazing trivia and band Knowledge)) told me that They Might Be Giants was indeed a real band, not fiction for a TV cartoon.
Several years later I had four or five TMBG CDs and I made a mixed tape from them. This tape ended up riding around in my dads van for at least three months. Robert later bought those CDs. Several were still in the Cellophane wrapper that they come in. I Miss him alott.

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June 05, 2003

Route 66

This is a picture that has been touched up by Robert Marker. He had a very morbid sense of humor. Also I am adding a link to a small web page that my dad(Robert Marker) had made.

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This piece of art is from my aunts web site, she breeds labradors and golden retrievers. My aunt Laurell was friends with my father(Robert Marker) for several years befor he and my mother started dating. My mom is Laurell's younger sister. Anyway, if you like dogs or are just board and don't know where else to go. Why not check out the mandigo retrievers web site. Here is the address www.geocities.com/laurellshutta/index.html

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June 03, 2003

Grim Robert

Robert Marker as a young man playing in the back yerd with his sickle. Oh Ma I'm just playing grim reaper a little.
Look out death there is a new reaper in town!

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This cartoon is from about a year ago, it is from 2002. I hope that you can figure this one out on your own. Cheers J. Marker

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Tres Generationes

This picture was taken at the old Santa Monica homestead. In this picture you can find myself(Jack Marker) holding my little cousin Jacob Marker. Holding Jakes feet is his father, my uncle Gary Marker. And at Garys Knees is his daughter, Sydney Marker. Standing next to me is my father Robert Marker and next to him is his mother, my grandmother "Toni" Marker. Three generations of the Marker tribe. This pic is a few years old Sydney is about 13 now and Jake is about 10.

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June 02, 2003

Uninvited music

This is another picture from the last Uninvited show in November 2002. There are a few reasons that I am putting up a second pic from this show. Number one: This was one of two of the last two shows that the Uninvited ever played. Number two: The Uninvited ROCK and you should know who they are.Number three: I loved going to see the Uninvited and not just because they rocked but also because if I was going to see them chances were good that my Dad(Robert Marker) my sister her boyfriend my Mom and a menagerie of other people would be there. And Number Four: Robert Marker had great taste in music and the Uninvited was one of his favorite bands for the last four or five years.
So Check Them Out At uninvited.com And Enjoy.
I will post more about other bands that he enjoyed in the future.

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Bob Hope

Well I guess that this (like many of my dads cartoons) speakes for its self. This one is from last year 2002. I keep wanting to have some funny or clever things to write. But its not always needed I can't write anything funnier than the punchline thats there. So enjoy an RX Marker original.

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