July 16, 2003

Ariel and Robert

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In this picture you can really see how much my father, Robert Marker, loved his grand-daughter, my niece, Ariel. He would glow with love that was almost palpable.

This picture was taken about six and a half years ago. It was taken on my cousin, Kim's deck next to her swimming pool in her back yard in Wilton in Northern California. This picture is a day or two either before or after my other cousin's wedding, (Kim's brother, Hunt). My Dad rented a car and my sister, Holly, my neice, Ariel, and myself drove up to Wilton for Hunt's wedding. It was a really nice trip.

I was just there about two weeks ago. It was the first time since the wedding that I had been back there. It was nice and sad at the same time, but almost everything that is nice or enjoyable, is in some way, kind of sad now.

For the wedding we downloaded a map off of mapquest.com which was toatally wrong and the four of us ended up missing the actual ceremony, making it just in time for the reception.

On the drive home we stopped at my Uncle Gary and Aunt Deb's house and spent the day and night. That was the trip on which I was officially given my car; a 1973 Volkswagon Thing. The Thing had belonged to my uncle Gary but had not been driven for about ten years. He gave it to me.

In the early morning my dad woke us up and we left before anyone else was awake. I remember My dad drawing a little goodbye card to my aunt, uncle, and two little cousins. It was a car driving away and the three of us waving out the window saying "Goodbye". He was such a sweet and thoughtful man. He was always drawing cards for people.

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July 10, 2003


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I am having trouble with this site right now which is why I have not updated it much lately. I can't get it to make thumbnails for my pictures so bear with me.

This is a picture of Robert Markers first hearse. He often imagined different ways of decorating it. Some of those ideas he would draw and others he might draw on a picture, this is one that he drew on a photograph of his car.

If I remember correctly that hearse was a 1968 oldsmobile that had originally been used as an ambulance. The license plate was NOT YETT. The hearse was white, and had blue interior. Robert drove that car across this country several times, from Los Angeles California, to Key West Floridia. I never did that drive in that car with him, allthough he did take me and my sister Holly from San Bernardino CA. to Miami Beach FL. in a 1956 Cadillac which was restored and used as a limo for the park washington hotel in Miami South Beach FL..

Hope you enjoy sudden death, let me know what you think by leaving you comments. you can do this by clicking where it says comments and leaving a comment. Thanks Jack Marker

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