June 06, 2003


The other day I was online, and I went to the web site for a band named They Might Be Giants. While I was on the TMBG web site I saw an add for a documentary coming out called Gigantic (a tale of two johns), and I wanted to tell my father Robert Marker about it. Then I remembered That I will never get to sit and tell him any of the interesting things I have seen that reminded me of him. Almost every thing I like reminds me of him. TMBG was another band that my father enjoyed, in a way he introduced them to me. Then several years later I reintroduced Robert to them.
When I was younger, around 12 years old. I saw an episode of the cartoon TinyToon Adventures, It was a music video edition. The show did videos for two classical songs then one by Aretha Franklin(Respect). Then it had a video for a song called Partical Man, which I had never heard befor, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then they did a second song by They Might Be Giants, which was a cover of a very old song named Istanbul (not Constantanople). I enjoyed this song even more than the first but, I had never heard of the band and thought that it was made up by the show.
When My Dad came home later that day I told him about the two songs from the show( Partical Man and Istanbul(Not Constantanople)), and he ((Being the man of amazing trivia and band Knowledge)) told me that They Might Be Giants was indeed a real band, not fiction for a TV cartoon.
Several years later I had four or five TMBG CDs and I made a mixed tape from them. This tape ended up riding around in my dads van for at least three months. Robert later bought those CDs. Several were still in the Cellophane wrapper that they come in. I Miss him alott.

Posted by jack at June 6, 2003 11:50 AM

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