June 13, 2003

Al Marker Driving School

Robert Marker was a wonderful person to talk to. He was one of the easiest poeple to have conversation with that I have ever known. And he told stories, I don't mean that he made them up although, I am sure that he could have. One storie that I remember because I thought it was so funny, was the storie of my Grandfather trying to teach my Dad how to drive.
My grandfather was a kind and funny and wonderful man. Teaching was just not his strong point. I was going to try to write the story out for all of you but I think that it wouldn't transfer to the page correctly. So you will just have to use your imagination.

Posted by jack at June 13, 2003 12:57 AM

I don't think Ive ever seen this one. Funny.

Posted by: Holly Jr. at June 13, 2003 12:13 PM

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