May 30, 2003


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May 27, 2003

X-mas 2002

This is a picture that was taken on christmas 2002. In this pic. (from left to right) there is my mother Holly Shutta. Her sister my aunt, Laurel Hand who was visiting from Texas. Laurels son Asher Jenny. My father Robert Marker and my fiance Barrie Waldman. This was the last time that I saw my dad.

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May 24, 2003

Carving the pumpkin

My family used to have a dog named pumpkin. We did not name her we got her in front of the pound from a man that said he could not take her with him when he moved. Pumpkin was a mutt she was a cross between a greyhound and a german shepard. These pictures show Me and My sister Holly in one and me and our Dad(Robert Marker) in the other. This was a halloween joke, obviously. We all loved Pumpkin. We got pumkin when I was 4 and she died when I was 12. This picture was from the time we spent living in Florida I think I was 8 or 9. In either 1986 or 87.

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Stand Up

This was one of the cartoons sent out over the last year. This one stuck out in my mind, and I was happy to find it so that I could post it. One of the many things my father still wanted to do, but will never get a chance to, is to be a stand up comedian. He was one of the funniest people thet I have ever met, I'm sure he could have done it. This is actually the second stand up cartoon. I'll see if I can find the first.

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uninvited guests

This is a picture from an uninvited show about three years ago, it was taken at fourteen below, a club in Santa Monica. In this picture you can find myself(Jack Marker), my sister(Holly Shutta), and my father (Robert Marker).All three of us are members of their fan club, the Uninvited guests. There is also an assortment of other random uninvited fans. I believe that this picture was taken by the father of my neice Scott Laffin.

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May 22, 2003


This is a Picture of my father Robert RX Lee Marker and his father, my grandfather Alfred St. Elmo Marker. They are standing on the second level in the backyard of the house in Santa Monica, where Robert was raised. Robert and his brother Gary were born and raised in Santa Monica. I(Jack Marker) was also born in Santa Monica, but I was raised all over the place. The house in Santa Monica was a safe place I could always go back to the home that was eternal. About six and a half years ago my grand mother died and about a year later we sold the house. I still drive by it when I am in Santa Monica and remember the home where my father grew up, where I grew up some of the time. I haven't been able to go by the house since my father (Robert Marker) was murdered.
My Grandfather Alfred Marker died peacfully in his sleep in his bed at home, in Santa Monica. I wish that we could have kept that house, I miss it.

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stained mushroom

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magically stained glass

Robert Marker created many different styles of art. For a time he and my mother Holly Shutta owned a shop that sold magically stained glass. He created many beautiful desighns and pieces of art. The thumbnail above is of the sighn for their shop. Another RX original.

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This was the final cartoon that Robert Marker sent out on march 17th. At around 2pm on march the 18th a vagrant broke into Robert's house and stabbed him to death. The vagrant in question has been aprehended and is faceing murder in the first degree charges, and he has already confessed. allthough I find little solice in that fact.
I know that I looked forward to recieving every cartoon that he sent, and I'm sure that I wasn't the only one. Robert took the time to creat a cartoon for almost every holiday that you could think of, and some that you wouldn't think of. As I(Jack Marker) have said there will be many more cartoons, pictures and writings soon.Thankyou for taking the time to read my writings and feel free to let me know what you think of what I or my father has written.

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desert mixer

Robert Marker created many satirical cartoons, he was a funny man and an original thinker the world would be a much better place if there were more men like him. This particular cartoon was one of the last few that he created and sent out via e-mail. It speaks for it's self.

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May 21, 2003

finally uninvited

Here is a fabulous picture from november, at the Uninvited's last show. The picture is of me and my family and the band. We all had a great time at the show. My Dad (Robert Marker) was the first person in my family to find out about the uninvited. I remember the first time I heard them my Dad called me into his room and told me to watch a video tape that he was playing at that time. It was a live free show that the uninvited had played down on the santa monica pier, which the local cable access station had been playing every couple of weeks. Robert caught it twice befor he taped and showed it to me. The Uninvited have since become one of my favorite bands as well as my Sister's, my Mom's, My Dad's, my Wife's and other members of my family as well.
If you don't already know who the uninvited are then checkout their web site at

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May 20, 2003

Gordon Elliot

These are a few shots of me and my Dad on the Gordon Elliot Show. We got up in the morning at the Loews New York and went down stairs where we were to meet the driver of a limo and get a ride to studio. Whene I tried to enter the limo a woman tried to keep me from entering the car and insisted that she speak with the limo driver befor she would let me or my father enter the car.
Once the limo driver said we were OK she let us in to the car. On the trip to the studio she apologized to us and explained that she had been car jacked befor and that was why she was going on the show and she was affraid that it was happening again.

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jack&robert in vegas

My Dad and My self were flown out to New York to be on the Gordon Elliot show, because I was pulled over by a police impersonator. The impersonator was later arrested do to my father(Robert Marker) getting the liscense number of the car with his video camera.
My Father and I were Flown Coach to New York we had several layovers each way and one was in Las Vegas Where we climbed into a Photo booth to take this lovely picture you see here it was an interesting event.

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