Back from Burning Man!

nym | 10:44 AM


I'm back from Burning Man, and while I'm sad to leave Black Rock City, I'm glad to be back online, and really get going on some things that have been creatively festering in my mind.

The above picture is of my dome, which I built with the help of two people, my girlfriend "Spacegirl", and Mike Holly from Holly Solar.

I bought these cool joints called starplates, and made this structure out of 2" x 3" x 8' struts.. not your average building material, but extremely strong when assembled into a geometric structure. My girlfriend sewed the top of the dome, which is a stretchy silver fabric that we bought on the cheap in Los Angeles' Fabric District, as well as the sides, which are Aluminet. Mike provided a solar LED setup which kept us away from any kind of generators, which worked amazingly well. We had two work LED bricks in the dome that provided white light, a blue LED bulb that lit the dome at night, another LED brick above the entrance, and finally a green LED bulb on the top of our dome that served as a beacon for us to find our way through the maze of tents that surrounded our camp.

I plan to write a fulll tutorial on the dome construction and LED setup soon, as I have to take the dome to a local Los Angeles event named Carnevale that a friend is involved with. I also have some great video that I plan to publish on the site from my trip.

Thanks for hanging in there while I went on vacation, and I promise I'll get posting again about cool wearable, cyborg, and transhumanist projects.



nice setup, i realy need to get hold of some led lights to see how good they are compared to the precently used bulbs and stuff.

if only they would come out with led based stuff that would fit into normal lamps. or have they?

hmm, burning man sounds like one of things i would love to go to usa to experience. but right now thats about the only thing i want to experience over on that side of the atlantic. heh, maybe i should see about getting something similar going on this side :P

Posted by: turn.self.off at September 9, 2006 03:51 AM

I was wondering where you got your connector plates from?
I have been working sporadically with these since 1985 and now am in a position to develop them further.
As I live in SE Asia there are a few obstacles, but any help with manufacturers would be appreciated.
I actually got this design approved as a residential dwelling in the Northern Territory ( Darwin ) AUSTRALIA after the devastating cyclone Tracy in 1975 and the associated changes to zoning and building codes.
Please feel free to contact me anytime for any hints etc.

Posted by: bangkokbreeze at January 31, 2007 10:36 PM
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