Miuro, your iPod on wheels

robo | 04:44 PM

miuro.jpgThe japanese manufacturer ZMP's Miuro is the first of it's kind in iPod docking. The main function of the Miuro is that the dock rolls from room-to-room and boogies along as it does so. The Miuro, short for "music innovation based on utility robot technology" is a 14-inch wide device, that is shapped like a ball popping out of an egg (The Japanese and their innovative designs!). Miuro is available in either white, black, yellow, or red for those people that love to have matching iPod gear. The Miuro can either play music directly from a docked iPod or wirelessly from a PC. In addition, Miuro responds to your commands via the included remote, and can gain a little more autonomy with the addition of optional cameras and sensors. The 9lb Miuro seems like it should be worth it's weight in gold with it's portability, functions, arrey of options and its name brand Kenwood-built speakers. Miuro is on sale in Japan today for a hefty price of $930 and should be making it to the states sometime in aroud the middle of 07'.

Somehow I can't help but think this will somehow result in underground Miuro racing, like with the unsuspecting Roombas.

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