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nym | 12:30 PM

The UbiComp conference on ubiquitous computing is going on at the moment, and unfortunately I'm not there to cover it, even though the event is local. I owe this to bad timing and not getting the press pass from the conference organizers, but it's my hope someone from the event will share what it was like, especially Bruce Sterling's keynote.

If you're around the Orange County area, my fellow blogger Nicolas from Pasta & Vinegar (an excellent read), is around for coffee. I would take him up on it, but I'm leaving for the Web of Change conference tomorrow morning, which is up in British Columbia.

In other news, my friend Isa Gordon is moving back to LA, and I'm extremely excited about publishing more about her exploits, she's quite an interesting force in the wearable computing. If you haven't seen her work, I encourage you to check that out as well!

Hopefully I'll get some time to write on the blog while I'm up in beautiful Can-eh-de-uh, I've been seriously neglecting my cyborg fantasies as of late!


P.S., here's a video of me attempting to explain the Semantic Web to a roadwarrior.


while isa gordon makes some interesting designs, i wonder how many would actualy use it in daily life...

Posted by: turn.self.off at October 2, 2006 03:46 PM
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