DIY Infrared

nym | 09:07 AM

After hyping the Spy Gear Infrared Night Vision Goggles, and then finding out that they were out of stock and not in production, I was a bit disapointed, but my friend Davy sent me a link to something that is more DIY, and twice as geeky!

Why shell out $200 for a set of Soviet-era nightvision goggles when you can make one yourself from a $30 video camera? That's what Everett Bradford did, taking a CVS single-use video camera and combining it with a set of 20-cent infrared LEDs. Okay, it took a little more work than that, including some circuit-board mods and the addition of a salvaged camcorder lens. In the end, though, Everett estimated that his night-vision setup, which can record infrared footage that can be downloaded to a PC, cost about $35, compared to about $80 for the cheapest off-the-shelf night-vision scope. Who said you can't find anything worth buying in the corner drugstore?

Wait.. there are eighty dollar night vision scopes out there? Hmmm maybe I'll just go that route....

[ Link via engadget / Davy Krieger ]

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