$20 Tiny Camera

nym | 12:34 PM

This camera, much like one I previously blogged about here, is only $20 USD and does 640x480 resolution. It's the same camera that s used Samsung E700 cellular phone, which is why it's so dirt cheap. But there's one catch, there's no documentation on this sukka.

..we will be offering a $200 in-store gift certificate to the first customer who can adequately document and report their successful single-image capture using this module. We would be thrilled to post your mug and forever immortalize you on the SFE site (well, for a day or two anyway). We will be working to reverse engineer the unit and encourage all customers to work together through the SFE support forum.

So if you buy one, and do a writeup on it, you can help bankroll your next project. Excelent!

[ Link via Ordaos ]

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