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I've been lagging about getting back on track with igargoyle recenty, but I got this great email recently that really reminded me why I do this:

I by randomly found your site by typing some uber geek search criteria into google. I really like what you do and wanted to say “thumbs up” to a fellow burner. I just got through browsing EVERY page on your site and I loved every last drop. See you on the Playa.

Sometimes it feels like I'm not really connected with the community since this is a blog, not a forum, but getting kudos like that really makes me feel like there's a lot of people out there who do appreciate this as a resource. My original goal was to have this site be more of an interactive, collaborative place, but I've realised that in a lot of ways I have to keep posting to keep it going. I'm getting more and more feedback as I do it though, and one of my favorite things is when I get a link from one of you about a cool project or product on the market.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and input! I wouldn't be doing this without you.



I read this blog too =p

Posted by: qwiki at March 7, 2006 12:11 AM
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