Many people know the Macbook Air as the ultimate ultrabook. It is a lightweight, fast and battery efficient computer that you can take with you everywhere. Since Apple released the Macbook Air, its competitors have been trying to replicate the success of it with their own designs. To this day, no manufacturer has really put a dent in the Macbook Air sales. However, this may all change with Google’s latest offering – the Chromebook.

Now, what most people use these types of ultrabooks for is; documents, web browsing, media playback, and performing other small tasks. If you are educated in computers, you know that you do not need tons of processing power for these tasks. For this reason, a lot of manufacturers have looked to alternative operating systems and solutions to providing a lightweight, yet efficient product that can compete in the marketplace.


What is Google Chromebook?

Google’s new Chromebook category has done just that. It gives consumers a low-cost option for on the go computing. Because Google’s Chromebook’s utilize Google’s Chrome operating system, the product is capable of doing many different things with third party support. Because the operating system is not resource intensive, you can complete many tasks without worrying about your battery.


Google Chromebook vs. Macbook Air

Chromebook’s can come close to the Macbook Air in terms of battery life. It’s true; you will not only get a Chromebook that looks as nice, feels as nice or can run multiple high intensive programs. But if you are looking for an option that offers you portability, excellent battery life and can surf the web and create documents/spreadsheets then you can’t do much better than a Chromebook. The Chromebook line offers tons of value to consumers who want something simple. Consumers do not want to pay for a brand name and/or processing power that they will never utilise.

Because the Chromebook has an entry level type price of around $150-400, you will find it a very good low-cost alternative to the Macbook Air. The Macbook Air, most would consider, is an underpowered machine in comparison to many other ultrabooks on the market. Therefore, you are mainly going to be paying for the brand name, brand trust, and the build quality.

However, a lot of manufacturers are now pumping out Google Chromebook’s with excellent build qualities. One manufacturer that has a great Google Chromebook on the market is Dell. Dell’s new Chromebook 11 is a wonderful device that has a somewhat premium build quality in comparison to the others. Another manufacturer that offers great quality Chromebook’s is Samsung. Both of these manufacturers have created good alternatives.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a device that is powerful, Chromebook’s a perfect choice. It is specifically designed to be lightweight and give entry level access to computing. For most consumers, especially students, the Chromebook will offer more than enough computing power to meet everyone’s needs.