Sony's Flexible OLED Display

nym | 02:03 PM

Sony has come out with this cute OLED display made out of plastic and metal. As the video shows, it looks pretty good, although I can't imagine these being very nice to wear yet.

Sony took the wraps off its prototype on Thursday and released an impressive video showing the display being bent to form a semi-circle while still displaying a moving video image. The 2.5-inch display has a resolution of 160 pixels by 120 pixels making it a little larger than the typical cell phone screen and a little lower resolution.

Sony also says these new displays are rugged, which in terms of technology on the go, is really valuable. The iPhones look very cool, but I'm not about to pay $500 for something that can be destroyed in a heartbeat.

[ Link to PC World article, link to boing boing article]

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