Austrailian Cop Fears Cyborg Gangs

nym | 02:16 PM


Australian police force commissioner Mick Keelty is having cyberpunk nightmares about cyborg gangs. I wonder what sci-fi books are on his bed stand.

Technology such as cloned part-robot humans used by organised crime gangs pose the greatest future challenge to police, along with online scamming, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says.

Mr Keelty said it was hard to estimate how much money the AFP would need to combat technology-based crime.

But he identified the use of robotics and cloning as future challenges.

"Our environmental scanning tells us that even with some of the cloning of human beings - not necessarily in Australia but in those countries that are going to allow it - you could have potentially a cloned part-person, part-robot," he said.

"Policing that is going to be quite difficult," he said.

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