Twitter - Blogging Simplified?

nym | 07:14 PM

So, I am both astounded at how much traction twitter is getting for such a simple app, and also pleased at the idea of having something so utterly wearable friendly as a community of people saying things like "falling out of love very fast", "relaxing away from the computer" or "gone to bed". Yeah, it's simple. Simple is good though, people like simple. Simply put, this is a killer app for the wearable world because it's so simple, you can do it from IM, SMS, or anything else that can send a message. I could even see a morse code API for this thing ;-)

Anyways, I dare you, in fact I double dog dare you to hook up a twiddler and get twittering. Yeah, it's dorky having a one handed keyboard, but hey, whoever said wearable computing was sexy? If it means everyone knows your precise movements moment by moment it's worth it right?

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