Killer Security Cameras

nym | 01:45 PM


Oh boy! The Korean government is building armed security cameras to replace their human counterparts. It's designed to protect "major military base[s] and national strategic site[s]". They also say that "perfect guarding operation is guaranteed"... somehow I doubt that.

Here are the specs that jumped out at me:

  • EM-CCD
  • Un-cooled IR Camera
  • Max. detection range: 4km (Day)- 2km (Night)
  • Laser range finder
  • Rubber Bullets / Teargas
  • Rifle or Light machine gun

Joy. Telerobotic killing. If this trend continues video gamers are going to become a valuable commodity.

[ Link via Alex Barton. Thanks Alex! ]


I could find some uses for something like this.

Posted by: Exbzurg at February 22, 2007 07:21 PM
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