WIRED Article on Smart Clothing / Wearable Computing

nym | 01:24 PM

WIRED has an article on smart clothing and wearable computing entitled "What You'll Wear in 10 Years". In my opinion, they're not so far off. They discuss the trends, but most interestingly they describe this concept in smart clothing:

Suzanne Lee, a senior professor at St. Martin's School of Fashion in London and the author of Fashioning the Future, describes a " spray-on dress" made from a chemical formula that allows you to create a temporary dress from virtually nothing. The chemical is sprayed directly onto the skin to form a cloud of non-woven cloth, which can be styled as desired. At the MIT Media Lab, students have also conjured up "epi-skin," a piece of jewelry made from epithelial skin cells that are cultured in the lab and grown in a test tube.

Talk about skin tight. Instead of being poured into a dress, people will be pouring dresses onto themselves. Or maybe not, but it's a neat idea.

Regine from we-make-money-not-art has a post on the spray on fabric, which is where I got the image from. Obviously if you spray on more, the fabric becomes more thick, and less titilating, if you wanted that.

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