Another Wildplanet HMD!

nym | 01:07 PM

Wildplanet, the company behind the now discontinued Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles is coming out with a new toy this fall that may well serve as a great replacement for us wearable computing makers. This time, instead of going the pure infrared approach, they decided to put the camera on a remote control car instead, which reminded me of the 1st person helicopter HMD I blogged about last month. This new toy is recommended for all hackers ages 8 and above, and has a suggested retail price of $100 to $160 USD.

Because plain-sight video monitors are not acceptable in the spy world, you’ll need the one-of-a-kind private screen of the Spy Video Car to keep your secrets safe from enemy eyes. Wear the lightweight frames with the single LCD lens to ensure you’re the only one who views the video transmitted through your RC vehicle.

Adjust the camera angle on the wireless spy car and send it on secret missions using the hand-held remote control. Observe the journey and the destination through the small screen attached to your headset. Darkness poses no obstacle for the Spy Video Car as its infrared night-vision system lets you see clearly in the dark without emitting any visible traces of light. From the safety of your spy headquarters, watch what’s going on wherever your video vehicle travels, indoors and out, up to 75 feet away.

I wonder if I can put in my order now...

[ Link via Matthew Spencer Hensley. Thanks Matthew! ]

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