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It's not often you go to an art show and leave feeling like you've lost a significant number of brain cells. Then again, it's not often you go to an art show and see jet engines, giant walking robots, fish cannons, and a huge styrofome dinosaur head on fire. The fumes from the burning styrofome kept my girlfriend away, but the giant machines kept me close to the action.

Regardless of the impact that the robotic colective known as SRL may or may not have on my future academic performance, getting to see their robotic mayhem in person was an experience I won't soon forget. I was warned not to stand where I was, but when the ajacent section with A-list bloggers and artists didn't move, I figured I was safe. Well SRL stands for Survival Research Labs, and SRL aims their research at their spectators, and how well they're able to survive the highly dangerous robotic creations. Almost all the wooden barriers, including the ones protecting the VIPs were slammed into by the robots and SRL's jet engine powered hovercraft, sending the crowds scrambing backwards for cover. I heard at least one person bragging about how he just had a near death experience.

I was truely amazed that the police and the fire department didn't show up to the small parking lot in the middle of los angeles' chinatown. There was noise, smoke, and huge numbers of people. Maybe it's just that the locals are more accustomed to fireworks, or maybe it's just that SRL puts on one hell of a show.

In any case, if you're in the LA area and missed the show, go check out Mark Pauline work with SRL, which is on display at Fringe Exhibitions from now to February 25.

Here's some youtube videos of the event. As soon as I have some video of my own I'll post that too.

[ Link to Xeni's Boing Boing post on her take and more photos/video ]

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