Solar Geeking

nym | 03:49 PM


Solar energy is fun, and rewarding. Jim Mason of San Francisco's art space called "The Shipyard", writes this geeky rant about the yard's solar energy. They even have a page where you can see their solar stats in real time!

yesterday was the first day the shipyard generated more electricity with pv panels than we actually used. mostly because of the coincidence of a very clear day and very low use. it's not sustainable. but still kinda neat. might happen again today.

more panels are currently on the way from arizona, and more in the yard already are getting closer to going in. soon we hopefully will be able to have parity or positivity on more than very unusual days. but certainly not everyday.

solar fusion > photons > electrons (dc) > chemical storage > dc > inverter ac > magic vines > mig welder > dc > heat > fused metal > art.

there must be an easier way than this . . .

[ via jim mason's Shipyard Announce mailing list ]

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