Computer Fan Fan Boy Fans Himself With Fan Suit

nym | 06:57 PM


This is great. Mikey Sklar has a fan suit with 38 working fans to keep himself cool during the day and generally get attention for being a Maker.

The fan shirt does not exactly qualify as business casual at Sklar's job as vice president of a tony investment bank. "I sort of doubt there are many DIY people on Wall Street," he says. A spool of wire he found in a dumpster connected all the 12-volt fans in parallel. "When I wear the shirt I'm often asked, 'Do the fans spin?' Well, of course they do! Who would walk around wearing a bunch of computer fans that don't spin?"

I just blogged about Mikey's RFID implant. Seems like an active guy!

[ Link via Adam. Thanks Adam! ]

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