Mikey Sklar gets Implanted

nym | 07:59 PM


Reader, Jonny Goldstein writes:

Here's a video I did of Mikey describing the how, what, and why of his RFID implant adventure.

I was a bit puzzled after writing about him yesterday. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of RFID. I keep joking with my girlfriend that I want to get cyborganic tentacles though. "Why are you squirming? I thought you loved tentacle porn!".

I guess RFID tags are a cheap way to get a fairly unique body modification. If we can only get more kids into this trend, and maybe it will hit the 11:00 news. Maybe with a bit of media manipulation, the 11:00 news will get all the kids into the act.

[ Link via Jonny Goldstein. Thanks Jonny! ]

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