Army's Cooling Vests

nym | 01:04 PM


The Army has developed some cooling vests to deal with a side effect of adding armor to their Humvee's. Sounds a bit like this other thing we blogged about here on igargoyle, but a little less portable, and less marshmello like.

The vests are worn under body armor and a hose from each vest is plugged into the Humvee’s on-board air-conditioning system. Liquid from the vehicle’s AC system circulates through the vest, cooling its wearer.

Some of the same engineers had designed the add-on armor kits for the M-998 and M-1025 Humvees in theater. But with the extra armor and doors closed, temperatures inside the vehicles could reportedly reach more than 130 degrees.

“It’s like putting somebody in a toaster oven on low heat,” said Charlie Bussee, an engineer at TARDEC.

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