Scottland Ban on Baseball Hats and Hoodies

nym | 10:09 PM


Shops in Paisley, Scottland are now banning people wearing hoodies or baseball hats. Why? Because people who hide their faces are aparently deviants, and if you're trying to avoid surveillance, you're probably a criminal.

[Stelios Haji-Ioannou] has put a similar ban in place in his cafes in Glasgow and Edinburgh, claiming the headgear is linked with "deviant" behaviour.

Paisley Town Centre Management Group has backed the ban as a means of tackling shoplifting, which is viewed as a major problem in the town.

Aparently there are also bans in internet cafes, schools, and malls. This is a really creepy trend, especially with facial recognition adoption growing with surveillance.

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yes, creepy. but have you been to scotland lately? no. take it from me, its a complete shithole. practically a 3rd world country. and people are assholes up there. especially the type of people who wear hoodies/basebal caps. so although it sounds like a bad idea, i think that its probably the simplest solution.

you give people anonimity, they will take it and be wankers with it.


Posted by: Ivan Kocienski at December 22, 2005 03:01 AM
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