Femtech - Mutaytor Future

nym | 01:34 PM


This is a "Femtech", also known as a "Teen Raver Barbie Clone", from the Mutaytor performance group. The Mutaytor is more known for it's dancing and drumming than technology, but three of the people in the group are amazingly inteligent engineers with artistic flare. While this picture doesn't have a wearable device associated with it, I like it all the same.

The teen raver Barbie clones from Mutech Corporation are America's greatest weapon in the WAR Against Ravers. All models utilize genetically enhanced chameleon and firefly DNA coupled with Mutel Obtanium processors for realtime bioluminescent pattern generation and state of the art industry standard graphical user interface. Black Rock edition anti spectator tactical shields, Amazon support suspension, and LED finger sensory overload systems are also standard.

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