Cyborg Bill of Rights

nym | 09:57 AM

This Cyborg Bill of Rights by "Cyborgologist" Chris Hables Gray caught my attention, but I'm not sure how much it applies to cyborgs, as it doesn't really address some of the problems that people like Steve Mann have had as a result of being different from the norm. Here are a few bits that did seem interesting:

Freedom of Consciousness. The consciousness of the citizen shall be protected by the First, Fourth, and Eighth Amendments. Unreasonable search and seizure in this, the most sacred and private part of an individual citizen, shall be absolutely prohibited. Individuals shall retain all rights to modify their consciousness through psychopharmological, medical, genetic, spiritual and other practices in so far as they do not threaten the fundamental rights of other individuals and citizens and if they do so at their own risk and expense.

Freedom of Information. Citizens shall have access to all information held on them by governments or other bureaucracies. Citizens shall have the right to correct all information held on them by governments and other bureaucracies at the expense of these bureaucracies. Institutional and corporate use of information to coerce or otherwise illegally manipulate or act upon citizens shall be absolutely forbidden.

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Why should there be any difference in rights between sentient beings at all?

Posted by: Ben at October 21, 2006 11:46 AM
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