If you are a big fan of video games, chances are that you have been through a hard time deciding between Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are the major consoles on the market today that are leading the path of next generation gaming. Currently, Sony leads the console wars in terms of units sold.

However, Microsoft’s console is not far behind. In fact, they are catching up with price cuts, good bundles and a few classic hits that are coming out in future months. Just because Sony is leading the console wars in terms of sales, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the better console of all. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two and where each of them excels.


User Experience

xbox one

Lots of consumers would argue that Xbox gives the better online experience. They say it has better dedicated servers and a lot more features available in them. If you are really into serious gaming online, you will likely want to consider Xbox over Playstation. But that is not to say that Playstation doesn’t offer a good online experience at all. At times, it would mainly depend upon the users’ preference.


Graphical Power

playstation 4

There is no denying that the Playstation offers superior graphical and processing power. This means that developers were able to tap into this power and offer superior gaming in terms of graphics on the Playstation 4. The Xbox One pretty much caps out at 30 frames per second. The Playstation 4 can reach 60 frames per second because of its superior processing and graphical output.

This means that you are going to get better looking games on Sony’s console. If you are really concerned with graphics on your video games, then Sony console is the clear winner. Though the Xbox One also offers incredible graphics, but they are not as superb as Playstation 4.


Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft recently announced that they will be offering the ability for developers to make their previous generation Xbox 360 games available on the Xbox One. This means that users are going to benefit from this by having more games available to them. The Playstation does not have this capability. Instead, it has a streaming service that allows their users to stream older games on their console. However, this is more costly. It also does not offer a native console experience and users are forced to use a lot of bandwidth to do so.

All in all, it really comes down to what type of console you are planning on using, what kind of games you like and what you want out of your video game system. Both gaming consoles offer excellent features and capabilities. It’s only the users who can decide which type suits them the best.