photographer taking a picture

When it comes to choosing exciting new hobbies, nothing beats photography as the top choice. However, with the widespread use of smartphones as cameras, distinguishing between good and mediocre photography has become quite hard. If you want to take photography as a serious activity, you need to learn about the qualities that a good photographer must possess. Here are a few tips that can help you as a beginner to achieve better results when taking photos. These tips will help you in becoming a great digital photographer.



Dealing with Exposure

Most people take dark and blurred images. That’s because they do not take time to think about the brightness and exposure factor when taking a photograph. You should think about your camera as your eyes. When you move from a well-lit place to a dark room, your eyes take time before they can adjust to the darkness and resume to normal viewing. The camera also operates in a similar manner, except that it cannot auto-adjust the ability to view objects under different lighting conditions. Therefore, as the camera person, you will have to learn how to use the ‘exposure compensation button’ on your camera. This button has this symbol +/-.

There are times when the camera will attempt to figure out how bright a particular scene should be. But do not rely on the camera to guide you, instead, adjust it to the appropriate brightness. On the other hand, when you go out in the light and the scene is too bright, sliding the button towards the negative will balance out the light.



Using Light to Your Advantage

Have you ever wondered why photographs that are taken at dawn and sunset are so beautiful? Well, this is known as the golden hour to photographers. The orange hue that the sky takes makes the photographs look so much better than they do during the day when the sun is really bright and the shadows are almost completely non-existent. If you want some really great shots, try waking up early to capture the sunrise and also in the evening when the sun is setting.


Change Up Your Perspective

What separates the really good photographers from the rest of the crowd is the ability to change up perspective. Most people view the world from the perspective of five to six feet above the ground, standing up. While you could take some excellent shots this way, it gets boring with time. Think about making changes such as taking shots from below, taking them from high above and directly above the subject as well as other interesting positions. This will make the outcome really interesting.



Nothing takes the beauty off a photo faster than lack of focus. When you are using a smartphone, it is easy to know when the image is clear and crisp because you will see it on the screen. However, when you are using a digital camera, you have to wait till the camera locks on the object of your focus. It will indicate this by surrounding the object with a sort of green box. There are other complex options available for focus, but the basics are always the best starting point for a beginner.