The popularity of Apple’s iPhone stems partly from its revered operating system. In every version released of the iOS, there are common characteristics. Among them includes the simplicity with which everything is laid out creating one of the best user experience. However, simplicity is not to mean mediocre as over the various versions of iOSs released there has been tremendous detail in the design. The implemented design is not a case of trial and error. Everything is done to complement the system and fit well into the overall environment.

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Some Of Apple iOS 9 Secret Features

Naturally, with the release of the iOS 9 and the various updates that came later, every iPhone user expected to some improvements in the overall user experience, as well as some features. iOS 9 features subtle design changes, refinement of the features introduced in previous versions of iOS, and improved performance. However, not all the changes can be instantly be noticed. to help you understand and come to terms with the changes, herein is a look at the latest useful features that are easy ignore or simply not easy to notice.

1. New Power Mode – Low Power Mode

By updating your operating system on your iPhone to 9, you get a new power mode. This new power mode is a very vital improvement to how the iPhone operates when the battery levels are dropping. If activated, when the power level in your battery falls below 20%, it restricts the various activities of the background apps, thus increasing your battery life. This feature can be found in the battery setting under the settings menu.

2. Camera, Photo And Video Features

There some improvement made to the camera app. One of them is the capability to zoom in videos. The traditional pinch to zoom in, which has been in existence for photos has been incorporated to videos. You can pinch to zoom in videos as well with iOS 9.

With the screen getting bigger, it has proved a challenge to reach the back button at the top of the screen. To reduce this frustration while view photos, the iOS 9 allows users to swipe down open photos, getting you back to the Camera Roll.

There is also a new Hide feature that allows you to restrict accessibility to certain photos. There are photos that you would rather they stay private and the Hide feature enables you to do exactly this. To hide photos, select all the photos that you want to hide. On the bottom left, open Share and select Hide.

3. Notes Improvement

Notes feature some tremendous increase in capabilities and improved functionalities. The updated version features a new set of tools that allow you to increase insert a checklist. It also features a new set of pens and paints that give you the capability of sketching new content (text and drawing) using your fingers.

Notes also has a new capability in the Share Sheet option in the updated version of the iOS. When Notes is opened in another app, it is able to save content that is on the other application. For instance, if you have Safari open and open Notes, you can save the URL to Notes.

4. Easy Access To The Wallet App

iOS 9 features an improved and better way to access the Wallet app. When you double click the home button, you gain access to Apple pay, which holds all your debit and credit card information, event invitations and boarding passes.

5. Mail Drop

This is a new feature that is only available on iOS 9.2. It is a feature that is designed to improve the mailing experience by reducing the hectic nature of attaching large attachments in your mail. It lets you upload a large attachment or attachments conveniently as a link.

Mail Drop takes the attachment and provides a link, which the sender uses instead of the original attachment. The recipient uses the link to download the attachment within 30 days.

6. Search For Settings

Every smartphone user must have experienced the frustration that comes with being unable to locate a particular setting. Endlessly flipping through Setting in search of a particular setting is a thing of the past with iOS 9. The new search function in the Settings menu enables you to search for the setting you want, instead of searching endlessly.

7. Phone, Message And FaceTime Shortcuts

This is another feature that is aimed at providing convenience and saving time. There are Phone, Message and FaceTime shortcuts on the right side of the contacts, making it very easy to perform contact-related tasks.

Other impressive features include the ability to turn Siri off when you have your phone in silent mode, quick reply, quick messages and quick calls, new voices option, group notifications (by app) and better maneuverability between apps (especially while going back to apps).