May 21, 2003

finally uninvited

Here is a fabulous picture from november, at the Uninvited's last show. The picture is of me and my family and the band. We all had a great time at the show. My Dad (Robert Marker) was the first person in my family to find out about the uninvited. I remember the first time I heard them my Dad called me into his room and told me to watch a video tape that he was playing at that time. It was a live free show that the uninvited had played down on the santa monica pier, which the local cable access station had been playing every couple of weeks. Robert caught it twice befor he taped and showed it to me. The Uninvited have since become one of my favorite bands as well as my Sister's, my Mom's, My Dad's, my Wife's and other members of my family as well.
If you don't already know who the uninvited are then checkout their web site at

Posted by jack at May 21, 2003 01:44 AM

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