While the original Apple Watch has been a big hit, people are already talking about what the next model will have in store. People have been speculating about what kinds of upgrades and features that Apple might offer to their customers. Read on to get a look at the theories.

apple watch

New Manufacturing Processes

Newer iPhone models use a more energy efficient process to manufacture chipsets. This improves the performance of the phone, and gives it a much longer battery life. People have been hoping that we will see that same tech in the next Apple watch.

Obviously, Apple has access to that tech, so they have no reason not to use it. It’s safe to assume that Apple will work hard to make their next watch feel like a genuine upgrade. Improved performance and battery life would definitely do the trick.

New Color Themes

Because the Apple watch is a wearable piece of technology, there are a lot of people who are concerned about how it will look. Some designers want to see changes to the color palette that Apple uses. They believe that the last round of Apple watches simply weren’t stylish enough.

Of course, there were a lot of people who criticized the Apple watch for not looking like an Apple device. Apple is stuck in a tricky situation. Their best bet may be to offer consumers a lot of different options. That way, people can simply select the watch that works best for them.

New Materials

Watches are often made from top of the line materials. A lot of people want to see these same high-end materials used in the manufacturing of Apple watches. Examples of such materials include stainless steel, titanium, platinum, tungsten, and palladium. Any of these materials would make for a very high end watch.

Obviously, using costly materials means that the latest watches won’t be cheap. A watch made from these sorts of materials could cost well over 1,000 dollars. With that said, Apple has never shied away from released expensive devices. It seems very plausible that they would create more expensive models for their next line.

More Customization

A lot of consumers believe that the current Apple watch can not be customized enough. People want more control over the general look and feel of the watch software. Right now, consumers are largely limited to what Apple has already released.

Many people are thinking that Apple will get around this issue by creating new customization apps for consumers. That way, they can give consumers more control without giving up any of their control. In a situation like this, everyone would be able to win.

Siri Improvements

While a lot of people love working with Siri, the voiced artificial intelligence available on Apple devices, they want to see her get a boost. Siri often takes a long time to provide people with a response. People are hoping that the next version of Siri will provide faster answers.

Because the Apple watch is a hands free device, watch users find that they rely on Siri more frequently. Many people are hoping that the latest version of Siri will be introduced alongside the latest Apple watch.

More Health Functions

Technology is a great way to keep track of your health. With the right sensors, you can monitor everything, from footsteps taken to calories burned to the rate of your heartbeat. The last Apple watch wound up including fewer sensors than originally promised. The new model may be able to fix that.

One of the things that consumers are particularly interested in is glucose monitoring. Unfortunately, it seems unlike that we will see something like this on the Apple Watch 2. The technology simply isn’t there yet. With that said, Apple should be releasing a bevy of appealing new health features. People will be able to get even more out of their watch.

It is clear that a new Apple Watch is on the way. Apple works hard to make sure that their customers never get sick of their products. They are always introducing new models and upgrades. If you want something better, then you should be able to get exactly what you want.