Comments: Why I Hate my roommate!

Wow, this is a funny post Jay! I've never seen anything as well written from you, I guess you've been thinking about this quite a lot. If he keeps up the abuse, start playing Insane Clown Posse's 'I Stab People' while he's sleeping. I think that might get the point across.

Posted by nym at April 26, 2003 09:25 AM

Thanks!,I like your Insane Clown Posse's 'I Stab People' idea, I'm sure that that would get a very distinct message across.

Posted by ordaos at April 26, 2003 01:22 PM

You absolutely have!!!!! to do something. Allowing him to continue this behaviour is not helping you, him or the rest of society. I know that you are so angry now that speaking to him directly might be difficult, but what about using the residency coordinator (or whatever his title is). Or write your room mate a letter, stating all the things you have given up, and explaining that sleep can not be added to that list.

Thursday's LA Times had an interesting article about garden fences which included the following: "The clearer the territorial system, the better the parties function", said Daniel Stokols, a professor of social ecology at UC Irvine. "Antagonisms between neighbors are more likely to occur when there aren't clear boundaries." I realized that that is my own problem, with the neighbors behind me!

Anyway, good luck and steel your resolve with the thought that you do not want this egocentric person to be the cause of you not reaching your full academic potential (heaven forbid).

Posted by janet at April 27, 2003 10:23 AM

really now.. i thought i was the scrawniest person you'd ever met!

Posted by Asad at April 30, 2003 06:22 PM should wait until he goes to bed one night, and just throw a huge party. Make sure you make the theme of the party a "gangbanger with mullet" party... keep him up all night, and have every single one of your peeps treat him as a comedic joke all night..."kill him with your minds", and then boot him out of the house the next day.

Posted by edwardo at August 22, 2003 12:50 AM

Ok Here it is I don't really have any comments for your story. The thing is I've got my own story to tell. Should I tell it? Please Respond.

Mary Cadwell

Posted by Mary Cadwell at October 29, 2003 01:50 PM

Please! I'd love to be able to relate to other's misfortunes.

Posted by ordaos at October 29, 2003 05:16 PM

Just started this sight and thought perhaps you'd like to contribute. :)

Posted by Erin Lahr at November 16, 2003 02:01 AM

Sorry. It's

Posted by Erin Lahr at November 16, 2003 02:04 AM think thats bad. You never know someone until you live with them. I thought this girl was great we got along and everything until the day we signed our lease. It was signing up for a year of complete torture. It was my first apartment and I moved in with a SLUT she fucked my ex after i introduced them, I didnt care so much but I had a boyfriend at the time and we were pretty serious and she would invite my ex over while me and my boyfreind we hanging out, after I told her that I felt akward, because he was trying to get abck with me and I said I couldnt hang around with him because of the fact that I had a boyfriend, that when she fucked him! Not only that but she has a disease how horrible, she meets strange guys and just leaves them in the apartment with me alone, whiel she goes to work. Then not only that she is s hog that eats all of my food. and she broke the contract by gettign a pit bull that she has no way to take care of it. Its been shitting all over the house and including by bed room. She breaks into my bedroom and steals my shit. theres so much more but if you have advice please give it to me

Posted by Rebecca at January 31, 2004 07:23 AM

I just wanted to say how your story is almost a direct parallel to mine. Its not that I hate my roommate. But he has no respect for me, my space, or my sleeping. Thanks!

Posted by Derek at February 12, 2004 05:17 PM

I found this message board by searching for "I hate my roommate" and clicking "take a lucky shot" which routes you to the website which most matches the terms searched for. This is only after trying to see if existed, which unfortunately did not. If you also not the time of my post, it is around 3:11am. I was rudely interupted by a crowd of biligerent drunks. Being a gay male, I need my beauty sleep, for vanity unfortunately plays a big role ina gay mans life. But I am sure I am still pretty anyways... that's besides the point. Anyways, I moved in with a old friend from high school. She seemed alright, and I thought it possible to ignore the ugly artifacts she had acquired at yard sales. The mismatched oddities did have somewhat of a charm, but now I fear half of them are hexed with evil spirits and as a result were tossed to the pile set aside for other losers who find such items marked for a dollar a bargain. I fear the scottish doll with no eyes that stands saluting nothing. But she is scottish and therefore had to have it. It sits on the head of an ancient looking tiki mask that looks pissed off to be owned by anyone other than the members of the tiki tribe it originated from. You get the idea. Oh yeah, the worst is the wall covered with old curled up cut outs of old varga girls plastered all over the wall between the kitchen and the living room. I offered to by them picture frames, but she stated she enjoyed how they curled off of the wall.

SO as a gay male I tooka bold move in ignoring the interior decorators nightmare before me. But then came the cats who destroyed my antique dressor and my bed. They are just cats though, so that can be overlooked. Though she should have some sort of guidance over their actions.

But then came hipocracy. There is no smoking in the house, which i support, though she has the added privilege of calling "smoking nights". She has social gatherings in which it is ok, but on the isolated case that it is snowing outside or it is raining that i smoke inside, she walks in from work and says "hmmm do i smell smoke?" "we should smoke outside now" or "umm john have you been smoking?". Well, tonight she has designated it smoking night, and I am making it my stance that I shall smoke every single day 1 pack of cigarettes indoors.

She blasts her music that wakes me up occassionally, but I have tuned that out. The TV volume, on the record, at this moment is extremely loud, but is no competition to her friend who is speaking 20 times louder than it declaring that he would be a better comedian than david cross, and mark mathis, and that he is sexually more appealling. But no, he is repulsive. And he is not funny.

He is commenting on my typing now. "hey mr. johnny popular, who the are u typing to, are you having a joint meeting or something?" Yes, that was a joke. I hear them whispering about me occasionally and they think I can't hear them, and then they giggle and whisper more. I guess it's this disrespect of personal privacy as well as respect that has got to end. And if I were more assertive, I would leave now. I will pospone this until March 31, 2004. Ont hat date I will sneak out all of my possessions and leave a link to this web post on her computer. I'm sure she will ahve something to say to this.

It's funny, she told me how horrible her exroommates were, one tried to kill her or soemthing, one had a stockpile of guns... Now, I understand a little better as to maybe why they did, but that is so extreme and not justified. But I am not a horrible person, and I feel a little sorry for it ending this way. She is a great person from time to time as me and her ex boyfriend cameron discussed, but the other 80% of the time... pssssht, i'm going to have to go gay here. Girl is trippin!

Posted by Jonno at March 23, 2004 12:37 AM

Ahhh... I feel better now! Now that I know I'm not the only roommate-hater in the world. I have put up with my roommate's bizzarro behaviour for 8 months now. I have exactly one week till I move out, but I've been staying at my boyfriend's house every night for the past week to preserve her pitiful life. I will hurt her if left alone with her!
The girl is not a genious. She recently decided that her 2 cats are "outdoor cats" and took away their litter box (even though she's only home to let them out once a day). Needless to say, there are little surprises all over the house now, including in the bathtub this morning when I tried to take a shower.
Her dog eats everything in the house, including the WALLS and my furniture. No apologies, though. She just says that I shouldn't have brought furniture into the house knowing that she has a dog. How silly of me!
She's had the heat cranked to 80* all winter, but now that it's almost May, she decided that we aren't allowed to use it anymore. Even though it's only 45* outside (as well as in). Her response is that I'm being ridiculous because *annoying sigh* "Like, it's almost MAY for god's sake!" My dear, MAY is not summer, especially in New England.
If I've learned anything from this miserable experience, it's that I now know to screen my future roommates MUCH more carefully!!!

Posted by RedheadRudegirl at April 23, 2004 11:35 PM

Ahhhh..... finally a message board dedicated to roommate hating. I have hated the past two roommates that I've had. Don't get me wrong, I had awesome roommates before, but these past two have been horrible. And mostly because they came in pairs.

Georgia & Bryan: We met them online (bad idea) and they seemed nice enough. We come to find out that they are cheating on their spouses with each other and then we were thrust in the middle.
Georgia's cat thought my comforter was her litter box and would throw up on the mat in the bathroom, my mat. They had no cleaning skills, and the last straw came when Georgia's cat attacked me (had to go to the hospital). Bryan wasn't that bad, Georgia was the bad one really.

So my fiance used to live with this couple in college. We became friends when Robert and I began dating 2 months after he graduated. We decided to move in with them after the cheating twins (see above). We actually thought that they were bad, but we were about to get a suprise.

We we first looked for an apartment we should have realized it was going to be a problem. Aaron got mad because he wanted to live ON the beach. Now the beach is two or three times more expensive than the rest of California so we told him no. My fiance works about 20 miles from the beach, which is about 1 hour in traffic. After some serious fights (about which direction the satellite dish needed to face, Aaron's obsession) we finally found a place we could all agree on.

The next battle was that of food. Now our roommates are big people. Jeri likes to eat and eat and eat. She is a little tub. Aaron wasn't much better because he drank all the time. He had just finished law school so had not had a job in the four years that Robert and I had been together. Jeri injured herself on the job 2 years ago (her shoulder got bumped) and so she has been on workers comp milking it for all it's worth.

Workers and non-workers should not live together! When I was unemployed I made a point of vacumming, and cleaning since it was all I oculd do to contribute. Jeri however lazes around and when her husband comes home she tells him she did all the cleaning. She says she can't vacumm cuz her shoulder is hurt (only one of them is though)

And these people are SLOBS. They leave eggs and oil all over the kitchen. They just got a puppy and it messes EVERYWHERE, including in my bedroom. They let laundry pile up so that a stinky order eminates from their room and they destroy our leather furniture by not using coasters (anyone who has ever spent more than $2000 on a table KNOWS what I am talking about)

In addition to all of this they never clean up after themselves and call us slobs. OUr friends came over last night and our roommates were talking about what slobs we were (this girl used to be my roommate and knows what stuff is mine and that I am rather neat.)

The last, and possibly worst, thing that my roommates did was help my fiance's ex-girlfriend stalk us. She dated him when Aaron & Jeri lived with Rob. She was crazy and so he ditched her. They liked the fact that Rob drank a lot during that time and tried to get them back together. I found out when we moved in together that they had been writing to each other, which is how she had been able to track down where we were moving.

Roommates suck sometimes, sure. But there is nothing quite like living with the bitchy angry twins. My electricity bill used to be under $20 every month (I am not an AC Nazi, I just turn off stuff when I am not using it) And now is is over $200 (I didn't know you could use that much) I am glad that we get to move after the wedding! If they hadn't invited themselves to be part of the wedding party we would have jetted out months ago.

Quicklist: Parents are into drugs and brought some to our house (I am extremely anit-drug), cheap-asses when it comes to spliting the check, steal our food, dog poops everywhere, lie to people, steal our friends (and then make them mad so they don't want to be friends with ANY of us), complain about having to pay for stuff they wanted, try to break us up, Jeri is permanently PMSing, and Aaron is a jerk 24/7. When people asked us why we were moving in with them we should have realized why they were questioning it. My roommates are white-trash. Only 2 more months!!!!!!!

Posted by Callista at April 27, 2004 09:14 AM