Comments: UGH!

Wow boyo!
Twice not knowing what you're saying! Works good for me :)
As for imagining that I'm you however, well, not being a male or a blond or you that's a bit of a stretch but maybe I'll try later when I'm not so tired...Hmmm...or, even better, when I am more tired and can get into it more easily! *think think think* *burns out* And don't tell me you can't meet people at the CC! I know you can! Someday when I visit Sarah I'll come show you up and make lots of friends that you can take over. MUAHAHAHA! Or just throw/push you into some peeps and see how it turns out. You never know! They might not get upset :D hehe

Posted by Deanna at January 27, 2004 12:34 AM
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