Technology makes the world go around. Its latest developments are quite astonishing and become widespread with each passing year. Even though technology has made millions of lives easier, many believe that technology is also ruining our planet. There is a certain truth about this argument indeed. That is why as human beings, we need to have balance between the environment and our technological advances. Technological advancements should not in any way harm the environment we live in. To keep track of these breakthroughs, this article highlights some of the latest technological advances in 2014.

Mobile Technology

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are the latest fad among people all over the world. Cell phones have come a long way since the first wireless phones that hit the markets during the 80s. The phones became smaller and now they seem to get bigger again with the entry of smartphones and tablets. These gadgets will allow you to perform hundreds of tasks within one small gadget. It will help you browse the internet, make calls, take pictures, find your favourite restaurants and among other important tasks. Using the latest 4G wireless technology, you’ll be able to watch live video streaming, download media files in an instant, play games and perform many other tasks on your mobile phone. The latest mobile phones can perform innumerable tasks in just a matter of minutes. The latest smartphones in 2014 are getting the much needed productivity software. This enables much of the office works to be done outside the office. This way workforce productivity will significantly increase

Agricultural Drones

This is another area which has been developed beyond imagination in 2014. Cheap agricultural drones with imaging capabilities and advanced sensors provide farmers new ways to reduce crop damage and increase yields in the process. Easy to use affordable agricultural drones with cameras can be purchased for less than $1000 today. It would help monitor crops closely and give a new dimension to water usage and pest management. This would eventually help to increase the yield in the process.

Brain Mapping

This is another area that uses advanced technology. The latest map would show structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before. This allows neuroscientists to study the complexity of the brain more easily. This higher resolution map will show structures of the brain in as small as 20-micrometers.

Microscale 3-D Printing

This is a kind of 3D printing that uses multiple materials in order to create objects such as biological tissues with blood vessels. Inks that are made from different kind of materials are able to greatly expand the things that could be printed. This technology could lead to creating artificial organs and novel cyborg parts. This finally means 3D printing technology can make objects that sense and respond to their environment.

Smart Wind and Solar Power

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to produce ultra-accurate forecasts. These forecasts make it feasible to integrate much more renewable energy to the grid. The latest is the ultra-accurate forecasting of wind and solar power. This will help solve the future energy requirements of the planet.

Agile Robots

The latest robots are specially designed and created to walk and run across rough or uneven territory with balance and agility. This makes them far more useful in navigating human environments quite easily. They would be used to solve the mysteries of our planet.

The aforementioned are some of the latest technological developments in 2014 that have dramatically and significantly made life easier.