PlayaInfo Beta Burning Man Profile Creator

"Embrace & Extended" from ldodds's FOAF-A-Matic.

This is a work in progress. It is designed to be aimed at providing profiles for Burning Man, as the document might suggest. If you feel that anything is missing, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. This is for the purpose of creating digital identities for Burning Man 2003, but we have not developed the facilities to store your BM2003 Identies yet. Play around with this, but don't invest too much time working on your profile ...yet.

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Some information about you, and how people can contact you. Please feel free to use pseudonyms, we're not looking to harvest corporate 1981 databases on you. Really.

Title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc)
First Name
Last Name (Family/Given)
Your Email Address
Homepage (if you have one)
Web Log (autogenerate)
Trading Card (Front)
Trading Card (Back)
Your Picture
Your Interests
Description of yourself


Information about the place you work, which is probably your camp unless you're from Spectator Camp.

Work Homepage
Page Describing what you do there


Information about the place you live away from Burning Man, at burning man, and the last known location if you desire to add such information. All fields are in the format Latitude,Longitude, like 34.319,119.178. In most situations you should just click the 'Pick Location' button.

Your Home Away from Burning Man
Your Home at Burning Man
Your Last Known Location. Highly optional

People You Know

Add your friends to your Burning Man profile. There is no order to this list. Click "Add More Space" to add more rows so you can add more friends.

Generate Results

Now you've filled in the details you're ready to be turned in FOAF... If you don't understand this, don't worry, it's for the programmers, not the users. It's basically the file generated from all the values you inputted.