January 25, 2006

GunCam - Give your assault rifle eyes


The Self Guard SG-310 is a video system designed for guns. You stick it on your most leathal weaponry, and ta-da, instant video clips for your commander. They claim this will enable better decisions on the battlefield, but somehow I think it will end up being a way to keep soldiers accountable for their actions. That in itself is a good thing in my opinion.

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October 17, 2005

DIY Railgun


I seem to be finding a lot of mechanical type links today instead of the usual wearable computing roundup. I justify this post by saying "What self respecting cyberpunk wouldn't want a railgun?". Well for those who are interested in building such devastating backyard ballistics, there's a railgun blog to learn more about the art and science of high speed projectiles.

[ Link to the Railgun Blog via Hack A Day ]

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October 15, 2005

Liteye in Iraq


Found this picture of an Liteye 450 on a soldier in Iraq. I really wish I could find more pictures of civilans though, but wearable computing aint cheap.

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May 25, 2004

Future Force Warrior

ffw_solider.jpg"We're stripping the soldier down to his skin, and building out from there," said Jean-Louis "Dutch" DeGay, an equipment specialist at the Army's Natick Soldier Systems Center, which is supervising the seven-year, $250 million overhaul, dubbed Future Force Warrior, or FFW.

The land warrior equipment was due for an overhaul. The previous design was designed for men only, which is inappropiate for women trying to pee. In addition, many other improvements have been made such as armor that can take five to seven direct hits from a machine gun, gel based sensors for collecting pulse and breating rate, and better etextile cabling (shown below).

Gee, as pacifist, I suddenly really want to join the army.


[Link via Gizmodo
Photos: Noah Shachtman]

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