August 16, 2005

Snow Crash Adapting Tires

Michelin has made these nifty tires which they call TWEELs, which probably make your ride quite a bit smoother, especially if you like going up curbs and over small animals.

Here's a quote from Snow Crash about the "Smartwheels", which are quite similar to the TWEELs, but with lazers and hyrdrolics, and some kind of embeded computer system:

"Each one consists of a hub with many stout spokes. Each spoke telescopes in five sections. On the end is a squat foot, rubber tread on the bottom, swiveling on a ball joint. As the wheels roll, the feet plant themselves one at a time, almost glomming into one continuous tire. If you surf over a bump, the spokes retract to pass over it. If you surf over a chuckhole, the robo-prongs plumb its asphalty depths."

These new tires are also being used on the new iBot mobility device and Segway's Concept Centaur.


[ Link to gizmodo article. Thanks Ordaos! ]

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August 15, 2005

Cyborg Kitty

Awwww, what a cute cyborg kitty. Personally if I were a cat I'd prefer laser claws or bionic jumping legs to surprise my enemies.
"Elvis the Robo-Cat is a housecat who lost the use of his rear legs in a traffic accident. His owner, an amateur roboticist, has built him a motorized platform that Elvis controls by means of his front paws in order to move around the house."

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June 28, 2005

Mmm, Anarticamobile

"Designed to fit into a small Twin Otter aircraft that BAS use for working in remote deep field locations, the two-person vehicle has a combination of tracks and wheels that allows it to operate anywhere on the continent over hard ground, snow or ice surfaces.

It also comes with an unmanned pathfinder which travels on a GPS controlled route ahead of the main unit. The pathfinder is secured by a 30m umbilical cord and uses ground-penetrating radar to assess risk."

Oh I have no excuse to actually own one of these, but I want one so. Reminds me of the newest Batmobile.

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December 10, 2004

Seat? Laptop Bag?


Simple. Brilliant. Laptop bag doubles as portable seat.

[BodyBuddy via Engadget < PopGadget]

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