October 13, 2005

iBreast: MP3 in your Tits

While Apple isn't currently working on a breast implant that holds an iPod, think tank, BT futurology is speculating on putting electronics in people's tits.
One boob could hold an MP3 player and the other the person's whole music collection.


BT Laboratories' analyst Ian Pearson said flexible plastic electronics would sit inside the breast. A signal would be relayed to headphones, while the device would be controlled by Bluetooth using a panel on the wrist.

Ian Pearson said to the British tabloid, The Sun, "It is now very hard for me to thing of breast implants as just decorative. If a woman has something implanted permanently, it might as well do something useful.". I tend to agree, but the idea of having legacy hardware in one's body isn't too exciting either, and really, who wants to be fondling someone's tits, only to have France Ferdinand start playing?

All kidding aside, there is potential in this kind of development for things like medical equipment to detect heart murmurs, blood pressure increases, and breast cancer.

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July 21, 2005

Magnetic Implants

Magnetic Implants are something I've heard about before, and interest me since it seems like a low tech way of extending our senses, a common desire of cyborg-enthusiasts. One of my friends has an implant like this; they're good for party tricks, as well as detecting magnetic fields.

In one sensory incident, I was walking out of the library, and I sensed the inductive anti-theft device. I have walked in and out of dozens of libraries hundreds of times, and never once have I thought about the magnetic fields passed through me to prevent me from stealing a book. I have been intellectually aware of the mechanism, but never paid attention until now. Another time I opened a can of cat food for my girlfriend’s pets, and I sensed the electric motor running. My hand was about six inches away from the electric can opener, and I was able to sense where the motor was inside of the assembly. Again it brought my attention to a magnetic source that I understood intellectually, but would have otherwise been unaware of. I feel I am one step closer to fully grokking the reality I inhabit. [Todd M Huffma]

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