January 17, 2006

Ray Kurzweil Analyzes Self

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Ray Kurzweil, author of "The Singularity Is Near" just interviewed himself. Makes me want to interview myself too, except I'd probably focus on my lovemaking ability rather than nonbiological intelligence and everse-engineering the human brain. A friend of mine saw Kurzweil give a talk on the singularity and was really inspired. I wish I got to see it.

This book looks really interesting as well. I myself read very little beyond tech books and the intarweb, but I'm going to go get this. Maybe it's because it fits into some cyberpunk and nanotechnology live forever fantasy that my friend dragoon sucked me into. Maybe it's just the idea of having a massive super-subconcious entity in some way or another. Something big is coming though, and it's going to be an exciting ride.

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December 05, 2005

Stelarc Third Ear


All of Selarc's performances revolve around the "the notion of the prosthetic", and Stelarc's Third Ear is no exception.

The EXTRA EAR is a soft prosthesis, constructed not out of hard materials and technologies, but out of soft tissue and flexible cartilage. This would not be simply a wearable prosthesis, but one constructed on the body using its skin and cartilage as a permanent addition. The surgical techniques for ear reconstruction have been developed, so this is a plausible project. The difficulty is finding the appropriate medical assistance to realise it. Since 1997, there were several instances where doctors initially expressed interest in assisting, but then changed their minds. The problem is that it goes beyond mere Cosmetic Surgery. It is not simply about the modifying or the adjusting of existing anatomical features (now sanctioned in our society), but rather what’s perceived as the more monstrous pursuit of constructing an additional feature that conjures up either some congenital defect, an extreme body modification or even perhaps a radical genetic intervention.

This is really interesting, even though he hasn't acomplished it yet for the simple fact that he can't acomplish it yet. The idea of this is so far from society's norms that doctors won't assist him for the fear of being labled a deviant or "playing god", as so many like to say.

If you are a doctor, and have the know how to perform such a procedure, contact Stelarc at mailto:[email protected].

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September 24, 2005

Baby Geniuses


Lovely picture.

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