Mixed Reality Exhibition: SIGGRAPH & SL

robo | 03:18 PM

ACM SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Student Gallery in Second Life Gallery

Opening at SIGGRAPH 2008 Wednesday, 13 August at 5 pm PST

For the first time ever, the ACM SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Student Exhibition will be holding both a physical and a virtual opening at the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference in Los Angeles.

In a reflection of the integrated nature of the 2008 conference, the SpaceTime Student Gallery will be integrated throughout the ACM SIGGRAPH Village this year. To further underscore this concept, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee has partnered with the Otis College of Art and Design to extend the SpaceTime Gallery into the virtual world via Second Life. The Otis SL gallery will include virtual versions of both the animation and print work from the physical gallery. To introduce this virtual gallery to the SIGGRAPH public, there will be an official opening on Wednesday, 13 August at 5 pm PST at the SpaceTime Student Gallery in the ACM SIGGRAPH Village at the conference.

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