IGargoyle Maker Faire Booth 5/08

robo | 04:00 PM

Nym, Erin, & Ordaos; Telepresence Toy Phrasionasas
J9, futureboy, & RoBo; Metavlogging Phrashionasa
Brendan; Retro-Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Phrasionasa

I can begin to imagine what the O'Reilly and Make/Craft blog/zine teams felt when an online community manifested in meat space. It was so great to meet some of you and send some of you here for the first time. It's so nice to transcend the screen.


Thanks for the pics and info. Seems like I must attend the next Maker!

Posted by: Fondue at May 10, 2008 09:01 PM
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