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robo | 09:21 PM

In this quick digest about my attendance of the Life Extension Workshop yesterday, I will drop a lot of names and links on you while I attempt to digest the profound content of the day. Thanks to everyone whom I met for being so cool and sharing your passion for your interests; even when you could not talk about certain things for various reasons.

The presenters and panelists included Doctors Stephen Coles, Aubrey de Grey, and Michael Rose, followed by David Kekich and Peter Voss. I will be helping Dr. Coles post video online; I'll post when and where that will be available.

Gerontology Research Group
Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS)
M Prize
Methuselah Foundation
Benford & Rose

Thanks to MC Susan Fonseca-Klein, Bruce Klein, Chuck Esterbrook, and Elon Musk for organizing the day. I also met Dr. Gregory Benford, Gregory Peter Panos, and Alex Zhavoronokov, and here are some links from them as well:

Gregory Benford
Persona Foundation

There were various plugs for books, which will reach you through links, slides, and video of the workshop. I want to mention a book that was not part of the day's official proceedings, which I learned of when I met Gregory Benford. He and Elisabeth Malarte have authored Beyond Human: Living with Robots and Cyborgs, and I'm excited to check it out.


I am looking forward to reading Beyond Human: Living with Robots and Cyborgs. Thank you for the link!

I wish I could attend the meeting... ;-(

Posted by: Ali Kasyr at November 18, 2007 01:27 PM

Mediox concept is quite interesting. Not exactly AI or life extension, but it will capture a lot of eyeballs...
I wonder when they are going to launch their trays. Thanks for posting the link. I contacted them for more information by using the contacts from their website.

Posted by: Cheetah at November 19, 2007 02:59 PM
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