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nym | 12:51 PM

Hey, Nym here.

I've been going through the long list of unapproved comments, and I thought I'd share a few:

Ashlin writes in on the article about Remote controlled cyborg sharks to tell us to leave sharks alone. Anonymous chimes in on the same article to say that igargoyle is just as bad as "the media", and that we're giving our enemies the upper hand by talking about our advanced shark mind control technologies.

Simon asks in regards to the article on the 1984 Wrist Computer:

"I have a SEIKO UC-3000 model, problem is I damaged the transmission coil in the waych when changing battery therefore watch does not work. Is there a way to replace the coil, or is there a specification for coil ie wire size, turns etc."

Anyone know anything about SEIKO UC-3000 watch coils?

7th grader, Fiona Fievez writes in to say that she thinks "rely think this is great" and is working on a design and tech fashion show.

Aderet writes in to tell us that the article about mice growing back their limbs that

"They neglected to mention in older articles, that the strain of mice which 'regenerate' are "...better known for their inherited susceptibility to autoimmune disorders"

Aderet also points us to a recent paper at: http://www.pnas.org/cgi/reprint/95/20/11792.pdf
(June 2007)

Anonymous writes in to correct me regarding "Oxycyte: Better than blood?". Gee, I knew I should have paid more attention in biology:

"I think that you are mistaken about the meaning of oxygen and oxidation. Oxygen is an element and oxidation is the process during which electrons are being added to an element or a compound."

Thanks all for keeping those subscriptions, and checking back! Please don't hesitate to write your own comments or send us tips. We love to hear em!

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