Public Traffic Cams - Power to the People

nym | 01:34 PM

Reader Tetsu Yatsu sent me this:

Sousveillance hopes to balance the power struggle between Big Brothers and citizens by bringing cameras to the street level, but many of those camera systems are either publicly available, or, with a little effort and some time, obtainable. The classic 'bird's-eye-view' surveillance cameras can also be yours. Locally, I gained access to the pure 25fps streams from the Department of Transportation, but I know the University has over 600 security cameras that may be accessible from somewhere. Don't disregard these valuable resources!

He also did a very geeky writeup of how he accessed (not hacked) the cams. Very interesting stuff, would like to see more utilization of public information sources.

[ Link written by Tetsu Yatsu. Thanks Tetsu!]

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