Will Our Grandchildren Be Robotic?

nym | 09:37 AM

133225227_19ef92ef7a_m.jpgTonight, from 9:30 to 10:30pm GMT, Adam Montandon from the HMC MediaLab will be joined by Dr Fiona Coyle, Philosopher Dylan Evans and Nick Bostrom, leading spokesman for "transhumanism" on BBC Radio 3. The debate is called "Will Our Grandchildren Be Robotic?", and seems to reveal a bit about the future technologies our future kin may sport. I can't imagine tattoos and piercings will be all that shocking in the future, so what will our children and our children's children do to get attention with their peers?

The broadcast is part of the BBC's Freethinking festival, and for those of us who aren't in the United Kingdom, the show will be up for the next seven days.

I'm looking forward to it!

[ Photo from Dysamoria. Tip off by Adam. Thanks Adam! ]

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