Smaller Inflatable Exoskeleton

nym | 10:23 AM


This tiny girl is wearing what's called a "Power Jacket", which is an inflatable exokeleton that weighs only four pounds.

Japanese electronics giant Matsushita Electric Industrial unveils the prototype model for a "power jacket" to help patients recover from partial paralysis during rehabilitation, at the Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo.

This appears to be made by the same folks that did the Muscle Therapy Jacket last year, and looks much more compact (although less sci-fi) than the Inflatable Exoskeleton by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi. By the way, for those of you who want to get ahold of this for your paralized loved ones, the cost is likely to be about US $17,000 or 2 million yen, although I cannot sell you one so please don't contact me. Seriously, I have no inflatable robotic suits to sell, and all the info I know about them is contained within this article.

[ Link. Found by Mark. Thanks Mark! ]

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