500,000 R.F.I.Dumpsters hit the curb in England

wota | 09:57 AM


Electronic devices (passive RFID tags) about the size of a one-pence piece are screwed into a hole in the lip of the bin. As the bin is hoisted up for emptying, an RFID reader on the refuse truck interrogates the chip, which divulges a serial number identifying the property owner. The weight of the bin is recorded by the truck's sensors and is registered in a database entry along with the serial number.

The database entries for the day are downloaded at the dump (now, that's a data dump!) and stored in a vast central databank of property owner behavior. I can smell a new "garbage tax" on people with overly-heavy cans—how about you?

While officials claim the new RFID chips embedded in garbage cans are simply for the purpose of gathering information based on disposal habits via other RFIDs already implanted in many of the consumer products we purchase, anyone even remotely familiar with modern RFID technology knows it would be more than naïve to assume that’s all the technology would be used for.

How many of you recently unwrapped a brand new ink cartridge for your printer, gleefully throwing the old cartridge directly into your garbage can while installing the fresh one? We’ve all done it; a lot of products have a small picture of a garbage can with an X through it to signify “Do not throw this out!” Some of these products include Ni-MH or NiCad batteries, print cartridges, certain light bulbs;

Keeping in mind that your government are the same people who will give you a $250 fine for choosing not to wear your seatbelt, are you sure you’d want them to be the ones monitoring every little thing you throw out?

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My local council, Inverclyde Council, has stated that if you remove the rfid chips from our whelie bins it is a criminal offence. They will charge us with damage to council property. They didnt even ask us if we wanted the rfid chips put in our bins. Is it just me or is it getting more like George Orwells '1984'

Posted by: Stuart M at September 3, 2006 03:42 PM

Yep, from what I hear, London alone has ~4,000,000 cameras watching everything you do in public. I sure hope you guys can rally your countrymen to stop this, before you're all chipped :(

Terrorstorm by Alex Jones is a good video you should check out, its on google video still I believe

Posted by: wota at September 5, 2006 03:45 AM

Alex Jones is a nut.

However, this is getting a bit "infringement of personal lives" kinda thing, so i would encourage people to rip the chips out, or replace them with chips from another area.

Posted by: CommunistHamster at September 5, 2006 11:59 PM
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