Meet WOTA and ZachM

nym | 03:19 PM

We have two new writers here on igargoyle, at least for the time being while I'm away on vacation. They're both readers of the site, and have a passion for the same kinds of things I've been writing about with Xander, but maybe a little bit of a different take on it all.

morgan.gifWOTA, which stands for Warriors of the Apocalypse, has first hand experience with prosthetics, and is going to be sharing some of that process and what's on the horizon in terms of that kind of technology. It seems that hip replacements are commonplace these days, and prosthetics are a large sector of the health industry, and what happens in this arena is core to the transhumanist effort. After all, the next step to repairing our bodies after they're broken, is to build them stronger. I'm also hopeful that WOTA will help address these areas for those who are looking to regain their mobility, health, or improve their way of life to the standards that many of us already enjoy.

zach.gifZach on the other hand, is a bit more traditional, and much younger than anyone else here. Nevertheless, he seems to have talent, and I'm eager to see what kinds of things he digs up for igargoyle! He lives in South Florida and has been obsessed with technology since he was 10 years old. He's big on DIY projects, and breaking things apart to see how they work.

I hope that both WOTA and ZachM's writing will be well received. Please continue to email [email protected] if you have any link suggestions, or to give us feedback on what you think of the site and various authors.


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