ig needs a babysitter!

nym | 12:54 PM

typing-sm.jpgYou may have noticed the posts have gotten really sparse in the last week. This is because my boss left for Germany and I'm about to leave for the Black Rock Desert.

So, not wanting to deprive igargoyle of juicy reading material and links, I'm putting out a call for a babysitter! Must be decent at writing and be passionate about wearable computing. I expect to be gone for two to three weeks, so this is really important to me, I don't want to leave everyone without their cyber-punk-techno-mad-robo-wear-hard-ubiq-comp fix for that long. Plus it makes me so happy when I see others writing about this subject that I'm so passionate about!

As a token of my gratitude, I will give whoever provides the best, most frequent content with an ipod jacket or a podbelt. I was given the jacket a while ago, but don't personally use an ipod very often, and my friend isa gordon makes the podbelts, and I'm sure I can get one from her if I throw her a few dollars.

Please write me as soon as possible! The email to reach me at is [email protected].

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