Archos WiFi, GPS, DTV, 3.5G enabled PMP?

nym | 03:21 PM

av700tv.jpgI've been lusting after Archos hardware recently for my soon-to-be wearable, and I found this article on Archos' roadmap. It looks great, in fact, like an ultimate media gadget. We're talking about a 4.3-inch screen, WiFi, GPS, DTV, and 3.5G cellular modems all packed into one device. Imagine streaming YouTube to your iPod, but make the screen bigger, and add the ability to check your email and get directions. The picture above has a myrad of antennas, and is called the AV 700 TV. Lust does not fully describe what I'm feeling right now.

[ Link via engadget ]


Heya, i personally think the best personal GPS device would be something that can run google earth with a GPS input. Satellite images of where you are? i think that outclasses any other kind of map.

Who cares if the pics are slightly out of date, its much, much better than anything else out there.

I was thinking about trying to mod a PSP for this, since you can hack it to run windows or linux, and then put google earth on there. the downside so far is trying to figure out how to hook up a GPS unit to the psp, and have googleearth be able to access it. i wonder if the USB jack can be accessed with a hacked OS on a psp. If nothing else, you can get an eternal pcmcia slot, a gps card, and that should work. If not, im sure some custome software could be written to accomplish the same task...

Posted by: Deadpool at August 4, 2006 05:34 PM
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